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Coach Wharton

21 Days of Tour de France, 21 Tips for Cycling in July! REST AND RECOVERY!!


If cycling is a part of you, like it is for me, then it's easy to become compulsive. We LOVE the way we feel when we ride! We want more. We want to enjoy ourselves more, ride further, ride faster, ride longer. But what if I told you that as fun and exciting as being fit really is, well, rest and recovery are that much more important?

The riders in the Tour de France are human, just like the rest of us. If they have a bad night's rest, it can affect their entire Tour. If they don't eat enough, their bodies won't recover. If they don't drink the right kind of carbohydrates and proteins after a ride, their muscles won't repair themselves.

We can get really scientific about it all, but the important thing, is this:

Our bodies work better after rest and recovery. When you play hard, you have to rest harder. You need good food, good drinks, and rest. Take a day off now and then, and whether cycling or not, start practicing the following:

  • If you like Chocolate milk, bring some in a cooler and consume it right after a ride. Almond milk and oat milk are also great substitutes.
  • Have a real meal maybe an hour after a ride is over. Your body will thank you later.
  • NAPPING is a great way to heal and recover.
  • Sleep in cooler temperatures. Cold rooms are great. Cold showers after a hard ride are great. Ice vests are great.
  • Use the time after a ride as an opportunity to catch up on your hydration. I am STILL drinking my fluids, 2 to 3 hours after a ride.
  • Weigh yourself before and after a ride. That can tell you how much you're losing, and how hard you need to recover.
  • REWARD YOURSELF. Rest and Recovery will make you a BETTER CYCLIST!
Thanks, and if you have any questions about this tip or your cycling, give us a call or just stop by before our evening classes!

Coach Wharton

Those Critical First 15 Minutes After a Workout - Post-Exercise Recovery: Nutrition

That's Our Motto! "Leave With Nothing Left!"
Everyone here knows our motto reads, in bright green Neon letters... 


The workouts are hard, they are based in scientific theory and application, and they lead to great results. But until recently, Cycling Center Dallas was not placing much more than a verbal emphasis on the importance of a good, nutritious, calorie-dense, recovery. 

Recovery from exercise is almost as important as the exercise itself, because it's in those critical minutes, when our body begins to back off metabolically, that it realizes the effects of the workout. When we work out, we create trauma. It's not a bad thing, it actually helps us develop more and better muscles, it helps us keep our bones from getting too brittle, and of course, it keeps the mind sharp. But the key is in the recovery - microtrauma begets muscle repair and improvement, so that the NEXT time, and the NEXT time, and the NEXT time after that, doing that same level of work, will be easier, and won't be as stressful. If you want to ensure that the NEXT time you ride, you'll be even more prepared, well, you need to do take advantage of two windows of opportunity: the first 15 minutes after a workout, and then the first hour after that. We'll focus on the first 15 minutes, because that's a harder goal to achieve. 

Getting quality protein, fluids, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids back in to the body quickly after a workout is the key to progressing from a state of Catabolism - where your body kinda eats itself and robs itself of minerals and nutrients from one organ to another - to Anabolism, where it begins to repair, recover, and figure out how to make that muscle BETTER for the NEXT TIME it's used like that. 

But what's the best mix of carbs, protein, minerals, vitamins, Amino Acids, etc.? Well, it starts with Carbs. Research has shown that ingesting about 0.5 to 0.7 grams per pound of body weight. So for me, at 160 lbs or 72.7kg, that's a whopping 80 grams of Carbs, at least! Then, look at protein... you'll want maybe half as much protein as carbs. So 40g of carbs would work. 
Think about it - you're at the studio, or you've just rolled up to your car after a long, hot, hard ride. It's hot. You've got salt rings on your jersey. There's nothing left in your water bottles. There's snot on your bike gloves. You're cooked. Everyone wants to either stand around and shoot the bull, or hang out and maybe talk about the ride, but the clock is already ticking. It's time to ACT.
Start off by ALWAYS being prepared. Pick up one of these blender bottles at your local health food store. I prefer this brand, but it doesn't matter. You just want something that will allow you to shake up a quick drink. 
Igloo coolers with blue ice are great for recovery drinks
Then, think about that old cooler that's stuck in a corner of your garage or pantry. It doesn't have to be large, it doesn't have to really work all that well - it just has to keep things cool enough that they won't spoil for the duration that you're out on a ride, and the interior of your car gets hot. Fill it with your blender, the recovery drink powder of your choice, and an 8-16 ounce container of water, milk, almond milk, rice milk, or chocolate anything, and then get one of those blue ice thingies. Boom, you're done. Take it with you when you travel to to a ride, and as soon as you're done, open up, and start playing bartender. 

We trust Stacy Sims and OSMO Nutrition.
Now, if you know me, you know how crazy I am about Stacy Sims and her product line, OSMO nutrition. Stacy's got stuff for pre-ride hydration and cramp prevention, she's got a drink mix that you can use when you're on the bike, and she's also got a recovery powder. I trust her research, I trust her production, I trust her team, and I relay that trust to my clients, both at the studios and around the world. So the next time you come to the studio, pick up a bottle of OSMO Recovery Drink, and try it with chilled almond milk. You'll feel better knowing that it's the NEXT STEP NECESSARY to better workouts and improved performance. 

Recovery Immediately With Osmo Acute Recovery and Almond Milk. YUM!
In fact - I've taken a leap here, and decided that this is just too important a step to ignore. I'm now offering, at the Richardson location first, CUSTOM BLENDED OSMO ACUTE RECOVERY DRINK, AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY, POST-RIDE. So as soon as your eyes uncross from that last interval, and you're able to clip out, you'll have the option, for $3.25 with tax, to suck down 12-20 ounces of OSMO ACUTE RECOVERY, mixed with chilled almond milk. It's what you'd do after a ride outside, and it's what we'll be offering from here on out at Cycling Center Dallas. 

We'll be discussing other things around recovery post-ride, so stay tuned.