Think you can't do push ups? Think again....

trxsmall_copyThe push-up is an all-purpose movement that develops strength in the upper body and stability throughout the core and torso.

It is a GREAT exercise.  It can also be a difficult one, especially if you haven't developed the core and upper body strength to be able to push yourself up off the ground.  

"I can't do push ups" 

Is something I often hear from clients when I introduce a push up movement to their workout. More often then not, it is not that they can't do them, but they just haven't found the right variation for them.  Doing them on a suspension trainer can help you easily find the right level of resistance for you, whether you are beginner to very advanced.  

If you have no problem cranking out push ups, skip to the feet suspended version and the spider push up shown in the video below.   You will not be disappointed. 

The push up is usually one of the first exercises I have people learn on a Suspension Trainer, because it is such a basic movement that works a lot of muscle groups.  It is also very easy to adjust the difficulty level.  You don't have to worry about being able to lift more body weight then you can handle.

Here are examples of two levels of resistance during a Suspended Push-Up. The more upright you are,
the more body weight you are supporting with your legs and not having to push with your arms. If you want more resistance, simply step back further to load more weight onto the straps. All the angles in between the hardest and the easiest (most upright) can be used to load any desired amount of weight onto the straps. You can even change resistance mid set!


Push-Up Hands Suspended

This is the best version to start. The all-purpose pushing movement increases both strength and stability of the upper body and core. It will help to give better support and control of your body as well as improve power transfer through the core while on your bike.

Primary focus: Chest and Shoulders.

Steps and Notes:

Facing outward, hold the end of each strap in each hand, and get into a shoulder-width or slightly wider stance, and keep a straight body position from your head to your feet,

Allow your arms to bend and lower your body until your elbows reach 90 degrees and are aligned with your shoulders.

Push yourself back up to the straight-arm position, exhaling as you do so, and maintaining a tight core and straight body from head to ankle


To make it harder, step back to load more of your body weight onto the straps.  To make it easier, step forward to support more of your body weight with your feet.


Push Up – Feet Suspended

This is a progression of the previous push-up variation.

This version requires torso and upper body strength, as well as proper timing of the stabilizer muscles to maintain a straight body. 
Get into push up position with your toes in the cradles. 
Start by straightening your legs, which will lift your knees off the ground and moving your body as a unit.  Go down until your elbows bend to approximately a 90 degree angle. 
At the bottom, push through the floor to raise your body back up to the starting position as one unit. 
Become proficient with the traditional, un-suspended push up first before this things one.   Advance to
feet suspended push-ups at that point

309b_Suspended Push Up From Floor  309c_Suspended Push Up From Floor

Watch this Video for even more variation of the Push Up movement on a TRX Suspension Trainer, from every beginner, to very advanced!  Sigh up HERE for a small group strength class to get some hands on practice and learn some new TRX movements and more!


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