Day 8: 21 Days of TdF, 21 Tips for Cycling! ADVENTURE!!!


"The Best Routes are the Ones You Have Not Ridden..."

The Marketing of the Tour de France is pure genius. France has fantastic and variable geographies, cultures, cuisines and specialties. The French truly DO know how to live. They're not afraid of time, and their focus is on making the best of every day. The Directors of the Tour embrace this, and show different cities, towns, roads, parks, and people, to a global audience that rivals the World Cup of Soccer. Even better - they do it every day for 3 weeks, and more.

Cycling is all about adventure. There are always new roads, new routes, new people to meet, and places to visit. Focusing too much on fitness can leave you missing the entire world around you. Even on your regular route - there are new houses, new cars, people having picnics or car washes, new restaurants or foodie trucks. There's the adventure of a new road; outrunning the dog on the porch who just noticed you; descending from a climb while in the drops; just basically feeling that the bike underneath you has disappeared, and you're gliding roughly 2 meters up from the ground.

As much as we promote training and fitness in our studio and around the world, the real benefit has to come from within. You have to feel better about yourself and your abilities; otherwise, we have not accomplished our goal. Once you've achieved a greater level of fitness, well, you'll get to ride further, faster, and stronger, and basically, you'll get to have MORE adventures!

The cyclists of the Tour de France are paid to race and win and support their teams, but all of them acknowledge the Epic Adventure that they also seek to join. Starting it is an adventure, and each stage that brings them closer to Paris, is a journey they and the audience will never forget. Go have your own adventure on your bike.

The key to any adventure is to show up prepared. Cycling Center Dallas and Online Bike Coach know how to prepare you physically, mentally, and spiritually, so that your next adventure, is just another stepping stone to a life spent cycling. Come visit!


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