Exercise Pair up: TRX Push-ups and TRX Rows

This video goes to go over two exercises that work well together. One being a TRX push up and the other being a TRX row. They pair well together because one being a pushing exercise and the other being a pulling exercise allows you to work opposite sides of the body with each exercise. The video starts by showing the starting position for a TRX push up. You can adjust the amount of body weight you have on the straps by where you're standing. If you're just starting out or you're new to exercise, you can step forward to take some of the weight off of the straps and allow you to lift a little bit less during the exercise. If you're a little more advanced or you want to progress, you can simply step back and lower more of your body weight onto the straps. Always keep a straight torso in line with your hips and shoulders and legs.

As you see in the video, I'm keeping my body straight throughout the exercise. At the bottom of the exercise, you want a strong ninety degree bend in your elbows so you don't want to let them fold inwards and you don't want to let the hands come out. You're looking for that strong right angle and holding that position. The elbows should not go behind the shoulders, and they should stay relatively close to shoulder level. When you reach the bottom position, go ahead and engage the muscles of the chest and the core and push back up to the starting position.  One common technique error I see with people is they find that the straps are rubbing on their arms creating some friction. If you find that's happening to you, simply raise your arms a little bit higher to bring the straps up off your arms and that should take care of that problem.  

130804_3302_copy     trxsmaller_copy

The next exercise is going to be the TRX row. For this one you need to shorten the straps. Shortening the straps allows you to get underneath the straps a little more which is required for this one. The same concepts apply as the push up exercise. If I wanted to go a little bit heavier or lift a little bit more weight during this exercise, I would simply step underneath the straps a little more and load some more of my weight onto the straps as you saw me just do.
The bottom position is the starting position and my arms are fully extended. Basically it comes down to keeping good posture. I'm keeping a strong connection with my shoulders to my torso, a flat back and my hips are in line with my spine and my legs and my head is also in line with my spine. Then I simply pull myself up, letting my arms fold until my elbows are at my side right there.

Now that we've gone over the form, try them out by doing 1-3 30 seconds sets of each one. Alternate between the TRX push-ups and the rows. Feel free to do these by themselves or combine them with other exercises you find to make a full workout. 

TRXrowcropped2        trxrowcropped1


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