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Indoor Cycling Classes  |  All Levels of Cyclists are Welcome  |  TRX Suspension Training  |  Small Group and Private Personal Training  |  Triathlon Coaching 

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Improve Cycling Performance
Improve Cycling Performance


Complete indoors in 1 hour what it would take more than 2 hours to achieve outside. Train with us twice a week to improve your cycling performance! 



Get Stronger With Core Training
Get Stronger With Personal Training


Do you want to get stronger from the inside out?! Our Personal Trainers will improve your posture, reduce fatigue, lose weight, get nutrition counseling, learn how to breathe better, and help you get more out of every day!



Customized for You
Customized For You


Your class is customized for you, based on your ability and goals. Personal attention helps you get the most out of every class - and yourself.  



Enhance With TRX
Enhance with TRX®


Hate going to the gym? Our TRX® program is designed to specifically enhance your functional strength, improve your strength and stability in your daily living activities, and help prevent the injuries that can sideline cyclists, triathletes, or anyone who wants to just look and feel better.

Fun, Safe and Convenient
Fun, Safe & Convenient


Our friendly, supportive atmosphere means that everyone improves together. Don’t worry about weather, traffic, dogs or potholes! 




Professional Bike Fitting
Professional Bike Fitting


Is your bike fit preventing you from getting the most out of every ride? Our Bike fitter is one of the most qualified professionals in the business. Don't settle for a quickie fit with a plumb line. Set up an appointment with Coach Craig today!



New Here?

Your first indoor cycling class is on us! Just register HERE to reserve your spot.


Each indoor cycling class focuses on different energy systems on a seasonal basis and time of day. Check out the daily cycling training plan to make sure you enter the class you’re interested in or which fits your needs.

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